New Sportec Porsche Panamera SP560

Sportec Porsche Panamera SP560Swiss tuner Sportec has a new upgrade package for the Porsche Turbo SP560 mentioned. That the four-door luxury sports car is a challenge, and now owns a sporting attitude, performance figures and a better visual appeal. Among the most significant improvements for Porsche under the hood, where the last modified bi-turbo V8 producing 552 hp and 790 Nm of torque. After tuning the engine, Sportec SP560 Porsche can accelerate 0-100 km / h in just 3.8 seconds, with a total maximum speed of 315 km / h.

Next on the list is a unit under the control of ESC Porsche with a complete set of adjustable air suspension with high-performance braking system with ventilated discs. Stainless steel exhaust system improves air flow and Panamera SP560 offers an impressive sound of the engine. Styling enhancements include Sportec wheels in the painting, 22 x 22 x 10.5 and 9 for action in the back that comes wrapped in Continental high performance tires.

Sportec tuning company announced that additional updates and some aerodynamic parts for the Porsche Turbo issue later this year.