New 2011 Dodge Journey

Since its launch in 2008, mid-size crossover route right on target for containers, tin and has a certain flexibility. Dodge Journey takes the audience in mind, this wily new families in need "all" cars. As the cab was not that we want to sit, or a modern six-cylinder drivetrain are our dollars.

Most of these errors are corrected in the 2011 tour. It looks basically the same exterior, but he was thrown in a landfill, where it always belonged to the old dashboard, with its nice, tip, square-off criteria and a Jew, brittle plastic that brought bad memories Omni hatchback. The new dashboard design is not a home run, and it is not so much contact with the front knee, "but it's a gut-check cheap feeling full.

Look at other than the fleet-ish four-cylinder, four-speed drivetrain that takes the path is $ 20,000 price tag. With its concessions in the shift quality, and you still want to choose Pentastar new V-6-travel option. It replaces the old 235-hp, 3.5-liter V-6, which felt old and old when he first round back in Chrysler Mitsubishi made. New V-6 is a bit more mature, a little more plush sounding, even if they are not quite up to the specified 283 horsepower, it's better than the size of what it was. The new six-speed automatic shift quality? Give her a Mulligan, now it's just too shuddery and indecisive. Handling is quite similar to the way and some changes in suspension, such as a tougher, more responsive to shocks and reduces head room has a number of his cock honed responses. The ride quality is still strong, with the appropriate control and roll control of the family car, but I think management is far from perfect.

Back in, the path is influenced by the reservoir is refilled with a handful of new features and improvements to work. Four adults or two adults and three or four children who are fortunate enough in the way sometimes right and the right size for your head and legs with a good size advantage of the way it is. In the mid-a-way, the second row seats slide back and forth, more legroom, and the same version has a front seat, built in storage under the seat and the console gets a new Tilt and slide on top. Cubbies and baskets abound and hold 37 ft3 glass to swell in the second row, 10.7 cubic feet and smooshed the increase in the third row. Flip completely behind the front seats, and half a dozen flat-screen TV fit in a way with 67.6 cubic feet of space.

Sports Travel some of the widest range of entertainment in this class, but gets them all, you spend more than the base price of $ 20,000. Standard air conditioning, cruise control, power locks / mirrors / windows, cooled glovebox, telescoping steering wheel and AM / FM / CD player with MP3 function. Options include non-terrible-intuitive navigation, Garmin, Sirius Satellite Radio Travel Link BACKSEAT TV, on-the-service with a small selection of family-friendly programming, a DVD entertainment system and premium sound system and uConnect multimedia MP3 player with control. USB is a standard now, but it is deep in the center console, so no text messaging and driving without a plug to be long. Bluetooth is added to the first three models for free, but is available on base and Main Street trim.