New 2011 Honda CR-Z reviews

This is called an axiom for some reason. You can not have everything, and we can prove it. Our documentation? 2011 Honda CR-Z. Meanwhile, we kept hoping that some manufacturers a way to provide everything we wanted an environmentally friendly sports car, fuel economy and great handling, great find. However, the CR-Z a disadvantage compared to meet us at both ends
frequencies, it is washed to hypermilers and zealous believers are still awaiting the second coming of the beloved CRX.

Since it is closely related to St. 2010, Honda Insight, a five-door hatchback, the Honda CR-Z hybrid SUV and coupe pitch carefully and put some distance between their famous hot hatch history. At the same time that the court ensures that the spirit of CRX with those initials. That's the problem - the world's economies, 2600-pound, 122 HP CR-Z just can not quite touch CRX's handling of magic or purely aesthetic reasons for the name.

CR-Z would be better off under a different name. It was pretty fast and gets very good gas mileage for a sports car. CRX is a halo car for a Honda CR-Z feels like two-door Insight gasoline consumption less coherent worse. Insight as a sport, it can be perceived very differently.

Still, Honda is convinced that it will be 15,000 fans who much a pioneer of hybrid enthusiast "segment. With a base price under $ 20,000 and up to $ 24,000 for a fully dressed version, the new Honda CR-Z toughing against iconic machines such as the basic Mini Cooper and Volkswagen New Beetle, and even less convincing than the Scion tC coupe anonymous thirst and Mitsubishi Eclipse.

I think you will find the largest dragon to kill in a close 2011 Ford Fiesta, which comes in the room, which was held for five sessions and faster on the highway fuel economy, even without a backup battery.