New Dodge Durango 2011

Born of the technical work is shared with Mercedes-Benz, Dodge Durango is a totally new for 2011-is closely linked to the 2011-Jeep Grand Cherokee is more refined, mature, modern take on the SUV formula. Even if it takes a new Chevrolet Traverse and Ford Explorer, to some extent, Durango is a bit more traditional truck-like-ute with the glow of sophistication.

At first glance, the new Durango bodywork less pronounced and less muscle than the old truck-based version of the tax, benign handy is a good way to summarize. The cockpit provides a realistic visual effect. Since the Grand Cherokee, the new Durango steering obsolete, hard edge of recycling bin. Snapped a rather well-equipped, attractive cabin with a large red needles, simple air buttons, and backpedaled details and fine shiny metallic finish. With leather upholstery, woven with red inserts and red stitching and white trim ring on the dial, and even R / T feels greasy, but very tastefully done.

The engine lineup only cut 3.6-liter V-6 or 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 Durango will focus on driving superior performance and won the battle of acceleration, speed and power. Durango friends and much better transfer of the five-speed automatic transmission with Durango than it does with Chrysler new six-speed gearbox. Wheels are separated well enough, and the V-6 290 hp and 260 pounds-feet of torque, or spin of a predictable mid-range acceleration 8-second range and a slightly smaller exhaust boom are located in the Grand Cherokee. Go to Hemi, and you can still five speeds, although it probably makes an excellent fuel, V-8 is a mammoth, available power and torque (360 hp, 360 nm) provides excellent performance. Below is a great trip Hemi powertrain noise. Six, it's pretty good, but with V-8 Durango is big and strong enough to pull up to € 7400: E

With everything under its new independent suspension, brakes feel great, meaty steering Durango never felt better to drive, and it has nothing to truck vehicle replaces. There is a solution to fit on the head, the kind that comes from the lateral stiffness forced to a more carlike driving field ", driving wind and with greater precision than the Caliber hatchback and the ride quality is very good even with the optional 20-inch wheels and tires. Finding no boundaries Grand Caravan, which was also a seven-seater Durango towed to dim, even without options, advanced air suspension in the Grand Cherokee and GL-Class.

Even from his hand up, sees 2011 Dodge Durango far more passengers than version replaces. Although the new Durango is not as big as a full-size SUVs like the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban, it's about as big as some of the major transitions, including the Ford Flex or GMC Acadia. With a 119.8-inch wheelbase is 75.8 inches wide of Durango, and has 84.5 cubic feet cargo space behind the front seats. These dimensions are very close to the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, which is associated with it.

Inside the Durango is very comfortable and refined, especially for vehicles without the luxury badge. This driver is excellent in Durango, with a nice vertical, and the prospect of the seats are comfortable and supportive. Others say it has an adult size of the room and comfort, while the third row, as in most cars, large and relatively difficult to reach, although it can be printed right on small adults. Flip-fold third row seat headrests are remarkably similar to Mercedes.

Base Express Durango is priced under $ 30,000 and has a pretty impressive array of features, but the Bluetooth options and upgrades, including power seats, heated seats, electrically adjustable steering wheel and starter offers. SR / T is more like 20-inch wheels, Bluetooth, hard drive for storing music and Hemi V-8. Citadel Top Model, about $ 42,000, bonds, and almost all choices of features, including sunroof, adaptive cruise control Blind Spot Monitor, Garmin navigation system, heated steering wheel. Hemi V-8 is optional on the crew and the Citadel of the model to SIRIUS BACKSEAT TV, and a rugged towing package.