New 2011 Ford F-150 reviews

2011 is definitely not normal model year Ford F-150 pickup line means that the most extensive revision of the size pick-up units in almost 62 years go.

2011 Ford F-150 gets four new units this year, including a base V-6 engine and a few newly developed V-8. The fourth option: Ford 3.5-liter, twin-turbo EcoBoost V-6, but probably a pretty common sense alternative to thirsty V-8 and a thin V-6 torque. Long ago, Ford V-6 turbo would be laughed serious car owner living quarters, but thanks to modern electronic engine management and a number of technical innovations in Ford, everything has changed. Ford EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6 feels as strong as V-8, and it is equally difficult for the tug and pull, while enjoying regular unleaded at the foot-6.

For all engines, new base 3.7-liter V-6 might sound less than appealing. Anyone who buys a full-size truck with a V-6, including government and utilities? But V-6 will probably change some opinions. "The entry-level spec F-150 engine with a 302 hp and 278 pounds-feet of torque at work. Makes The standard six-speed automatic has several options for the rear (3.55 and 3.73) more resistant to potential .

A four-wheel drive is certainly a possibility in any body style you choose, regular taxi, or 6.5-foot or 8-foot bed, SuperCab, with the same choice of bed and four-door super crew, short and long bed option. Gone are the old four-speed automatic transmission is a six-speed automatic all the way, the new 6R80 involved in most of the exhibition is both manual mode and drag / Route mode.

Serious, traditional truck buyers will be thrilled with the new 5.0-liter "Coyote" V-8, borrowed from the Mustang GT, it was the pulsating exhaust, it sounds more like a muscle car, and now extends 360 hp and 380 pounds feet of torque. Ford engineers attribute less lofty power numbers to match the torque curve more truck-like low-end grunt. This version rips sidewalk boxes on the flight, if you want, and runs quite freely throughout the rev range. 6.2-liter V-8 is still a monster 411 hp and 434 Nm of torque.

The new EcoBoost V-6 is designed to tow up to 11,300 pounds-the same as the mammoth 6.2-liter V-8. Base V-6 models can increase it to 6100 pounds, the 5.0-liter models to nearly £ 10,000.

With the new construction, which O-150 electric power steering line, which is well matched, and conversations in the car answers to mind with its light, fast response. There is no way to deal with a confused and driving 2010 Ford F-150 sport coupe or a sedan, but gets F-150 handles relatively well for a pickup. Control is better than previous versions, and the seats offer a good view ahead and have a good comfort on long distances.

Otherwise, no radical changes in the body or equipment. Ford F-150 was completely renovated in 2009, with broad shoulders, more macho look at the van, which the editors think it is a cartoonishly macho, if you land in the car, combined with a more upright, but the refined dashboard, which are characterized by round holes climate control. Driving and riding on the side, there has been little changed since then, but Ford is trying to attract customers in the contest pickup segment specific models, just like last year, F-150 Raptor off-road Super Truck new 2011 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson, which sports a new 6.2-liter V-8 engine and a lot of technology upgrades, including a 4.2-inch LCD screen displays information on fuel economy and power.

Despite all the new horses, we believe we have a little work-truck buyers who see the difference gear. The new F-150 V-6 is probably good for repeated 0-60 mph time under 10 seconds with an empty car. And for artists, entrepreneurs and weekend cowboys, who can you go from the Ranger or Dakota in the F-series, it seems the difference in speed of data is negligible.

As with other full-size vans from Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota and just trying to figure out which of the many 2010 F-150 cab, bed, transmission, suspension and variation is good for you, suffer. There are three cab configurations with multiple wheelbases and a length of each image provide the opportunity for almost every truck to be F-150 standards. Noteworthy that the four-door Super Crew models with a wheelbase that is six inches longer, almost all to another room, sitting in the back (remember, if you have to worry about parking, though). Ford has set a number of significant improvements made last redesign, the rear floor is completely flat, and when the rear seats down (they nest in a compact package raised against the back wall) to a large land position in the chair to have.

In each of his addictions, Ford F-150 2010 now offers a complete security package, front airbags, full-length side-curtain bags, ABS, stability control all standard. Trailer Sway Control, a very useful security feature for those who often use the highway, is also standard. F-150 gets top five-star rating from the federal government in all categories except for risk of rollover tests (three stars), the highest 'good' rating from IIHS in front, side, back and categories.

2011 Ford F-150 is now available in ten different angles, from the affordable to elegant XL Platinum, the King Ranch and Harley Davidson edition. F-150 as the size is a challenge for some, inherits many features that were previously only available on Super Duty trucks, including an integrated tailgate and box side step ladder. Sony Premium Sound System is available as (voice phone and Ford Media Interface) SNYC and Sirius Travel Link (that shipping, plus real-time traffic, weather and fuel prices, among other features does). Mykey programmable keys of the vehicle system is standard on all models but the XL, and above the King Ranch and Platinum models get more standard features, including the second row seats, heated, electric window with defroster, and Sony systems, including CD changer.