New Koenigseder Porsche Carrera GT

koenigseder-porsche-carrera-gtUndergoes a complete renovation, it was the Porsche Carrera GT changed Austrian company car tuning Koenigseder. Also known as hell could give Koenigseder Carrera nice aggressive look with new body kit. Do you see here is a very unique body kit that turns Porsche, starting with new bumpers all round, air from the roof. It's still a Porsche Carrera GT on all exterior mods, and it still maintains its performance numbers under the hood. But if you look at the fancy extras outside, you can say this set Koenigseder not cheap, and we have prices for you.

front bumper, such as Lamborghini, in my opinion, cost € 8040, and it's not a typo on our side! rear bumper, and expensive to € 5.400, and side skirts are still at € 6,000 per pair. But if you afford a Porsche Carrera GT, I doubt further € 10.800 for the rear roof and the air would be to rob a bank. Adding it all up, and if you choose to pack (1,800 ), a total of € 32.040. It's not so bad, I'd say, for the Porsche Carrera GT seems the right Formula 1