New Mazda Shinari concept car pictures

Mazda released the first sight of their cool new car design called Shinar. Mazda wheels, 4-door coupe, a car show in design events in Milan, but the official "studio" plaster and exterior pictures of cars were also leaked onto the Internet, as described below.

Shinar key styling cues were prominent, with a lattice of open mouth, removes, Nagare's 'smiling faces' ultra-thin light and Aston Martin-esque side of the valve immediately behind the front wheels. Inside the concept is strictly four seats.

Future Shinar concept is not clear at this point. It could be a thorough investigation of a new generation of Mazda 6 test mule, which was discovered last week at Mazda's engineering showcase. Alternatively, a modified version of Shinar had indirect successor to the RX-8, which has become a victim of Euro 5 with respect to emissions