New Lancia Stratos Concept 2011

Legendary Lancia Stratos HF is undoubtedly the most successful rally cars and 70-s. With its exciting line and uncompromising design, adapted for use Rally, Lancia Stratos, not just single-handedly rewrote the history of the protests, a permanent place in the hearts of countless fans with his dramatic performance in a world of asphalt and gravel track - a performance that included three consecutive world titles.
2011 Lancia Stratos Concept Front Side 580x435 wallpaper
Michael Stoschek collector and promoter historic racing and a successful businessman in the automotive industry, development and construction of a modern version of the Lancia Stratos represents the fulfillment of a long-cherished dream. In 2003 the dream has already started taking concrete shape, finally became a reality.
In November 2010, after the presentation Stratos' at the Turin Motor Show 40 years, the new Stratos unveiled to the public for the first time at the Paul Ricard circuit - the return.
2011 Lancia Stratos Concept Side 580x435 wallpaper
And Lancia Stratos, with their Ferrari Dino V6 was even special sports car in its own right, the new Stratos also a difference in the development of components using the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Almost all of these parts have been changed and, if necessary, adapted to their new destination. It should also be noted that the Scuderia Ferrari, the standard among today's super sports cars provide, and as such provides a good basis for further development.
The aluminum chassis was shortened by 20 cm from the cage of steel thickness of 40 mm FIA FE45. This method increases the stiffness in combination with the center of gravity shifts forward, form the basis for exceptional handling. Both parties - which is 33 inches shorter than the Scuderia - and the interior is composed entirely of carbon fiber and aluminum. All parts of the body and interior are made of carbon visible. This places extremely high demands on quality and craftsmanship achieved Re Fraschini.
2011 Lancia Stratos Concept Rear 580x427 wallpaper
Since the first New Stratos blur appeared on the Internet in the summer of 2010, sports car enthusiasts and motorsport fans around the world eagerly await the confirmation of whether the successor of the legendary Lancia Stratos really going as fast and impressive agility as well as appearances suggest.
2011 Lancia Stratos Concept Top Side 580x435 wallpaper
On 29 November 1930 and it's time for Michael and Maximilian Stoschek invited a select group of journalists, designers, engineers, race and rally driving debut at Le Castellet, so they can finally try the new Stratos and live action. What's more, students are able to do both from the seat of the race, but a small wheel with a switch Manettino. After several laps of the race-style intro to the WTCC drivers Tiago Monteiro and Maximilian and Michael Stoschek Stratos New recruits were able to personally Catapult 540 hp car on the way to a 6-speed sequential gearbox.
2011 Lancia Stratos Concept Interior 580x435 wallpaper
New Stratos as a racing version of its predecessor, was very focused - to the smallest detail - a lightweight design and performance. Not surprisingly, then, that the letter is very ambitious in this regard.