New 2011 BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept

BMW has a new series of intelligent design and technology information for motorists to find their way into future production models launched concept car called ConnectedDrive Vision.

It was written under the supervision of the new BMW design boss Adrian von Hooydonk. model of two-seater roadster with an overall cleaner sharper front design, intensive mixing and multi-layer coating and the shape of the taillights.
embodiment of the concept of dynamic design language of BMW with a long wheelbase, which is to sit back and long hood, but it combines with rigid surfaces and distinctive flowing lines. This leads to interesting play of light and shadows make the car as if it accelerates at rest. Sliding doors, inspired by the BMW Z1, disappear into the car itself. This gives BMW ConnectedDrive concept can be conducted with open doors, with an emphasis on the connection between the vehicle and its surroundings.
The interior is futuristic, but much more minimalist design philosophy can be used in the production of different ways the next generation of BMW models.

BMW ConnectedDrive Vision Concept is a range of technologies, including a fully programmable instrument with a three-dimensional display, plus a separate HUD (Head-Up Display) unit, and various schemes.