Gemballa Porsche Mirage GT Carbon Editio

gemballa-porsche-mirage-gt-carbon-edition-1Here we go again! Because everyone loves Bugatti Veyron Mansor yesterday, car tuner, published today in Geneva, a revised car based on Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. Division tuning Mansor Rinspeed bought in November, and the new Star Chop following the merger. The car has a large carbon fiber body kit, a new bonnet, new front bumper, front and rear fenders, new walls, new roof spoiler and new rear spoiler with integrated air diffuser contains. The boys chopped Mansor car roof and landed with a 60 mm and also its Cayenne to 80 mm. All body kit parts are made of carbon fiber and hardened under high pressure and high temperatures in order to increase their strength and reduces weight of the vehicle. Chop Star before it has large air inlets provide optimal supply of air into the drive and hide the four additional stress. The car looks aggressive and raw carbon finish with red hand is great, but the Porsche is much more improvements. Auto-tuner installed larger turbo and remapped by 710HP V8 engine and a maximum torque of 900 Nm. If the car has better aerodynamics and much stronger than the stock version of the boys Mansor was to improve handling and stability, and they install 23-inch wheels with massive brakes: 420 x 400 mm on the front and rear 375 x 30 . The interior, which is also the last link to the most noble materials and high-tech gadgets. She used the perfect skin and a carbon-fiber applications that sporty and a screen in front headrests, DVD player and laptop computer with Internet connection, a perfect symbiosis between the dynamic functionality and luxurious environment.