Volvo with an app emission emphasizes the actual emissions

Back in July we reported that Volvo bus heading to car CO2 emissions thanks to the government's approach looks shorter than the actual emission awareness, improve campaign began to think all people who care about the drivers.So far we have only the CO2 emissions that are relevant to the driver, when to work out how much they should pay taxes to the government to come. Without an answer - that human health and the environment continue to cause real damage - from cars to the government to focus on NOx and PM emissions called for in the past.
Back in July this year we have seen the car Green Car Award winner and real pollution. We found that polluting every award winner was the 911th Porsche and we have concluded that we are fighting losing because - despite the indisputable fact about the actual release - the government mg / will use the base for taxation because many toxins that cause bad pollution cheap car. And that's more than just property or the public please.

But now Volvo - clean green cars in terms of using the data provided by the Vehicle Certification Agency - an iPhone application that sales in the UK (click here for Volvo Exhaust App) and Volvo cars on actual emissions data are provided to develop the fighting shows this information is not more .

You know very well that some of Volvo cars in the greenhouse would not be surprised (interests, there is a bar to the right). Volvo V70 2.5, for instance, toxic emissions Fiat 1.2-liter 500 201mg/km start a super mini, which at 425 m mg / Volvo real more powerful than doubled compared to the pollution.

There are also some interesting statistics on the marque, the theory is nonsense though diesel engines waste more petrols can explain it. Take for example, relatively small and seemingly harmless Mercedes B Class B160 BlueEFFICIENCY. 999mg/km in the UK with this release is one of the most polluting cars.
Very large and - - Mercedes E Class Sedan E350 CGI is only one of the best performance cars on sale in Britain at present makes nonsense 122mg/km other hand, very large.

We hope that Volvo is a place with this. This will make us a decade. Oh, and thank you, Volvo, Bob spent a few Android applications, too. Remember that there is more going Android iPhone (yes, another horse hobby) of smartphones sold.