Volvo S60 R and V60 R-Design Launched

Volvo S60, Volvo V60 are new in 2010, and describes the Volvos Now only safe, boring boxes. Are actually quite gentle as a stylish old. But Volvo believes that a market exists for their '60 "with a screw on pieces go quickly, we are Volvo S60 R and V60 R-design for design. Volvo S60 and V60 perfect because we butched to look, but also to be seen. It's just a package style without the extra power can be, but the R-design model, specially developed chassis and pieces quickly.

Strut brace under the bonnet R rigid design (an old trick but effective) Thank body functions back to the new monotube dampers, which Volvo says the answer faster. Get stiff springs and dampers all around the bushes to get cut from a 15mm is 15% hard.
Even the car behind a large box sub frame attached 400% rigid, apparently to jump and shake the wheel to respond. So even if you do not exceed a standard rule to improve pieces of twisted round effect you can safely use the existing power.
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Cosmetic tweaks will but effective. Decent 18 "alloys, again, valance before more aggressive-looking twin exhaust pipes housing farm sink. Indoor sports seats (improved with more oil) or black lights all black pottery decorated with contrast stitching on both. There is also a wheel R-Design steering wheel, gear shift R design, planning and research, sports pedals and floor mats, R intended. You definitely know you've tagged R design options.

But it's a good solution can be specced on all cross-border V60 S60 T6 has a poor 304bhp D-3. But somehow we do not know how much will be spent. Volvo did not tell us