suzuki swift pick-up modified

Figures 17 years may be very impressive for a new child gede. Age segitu usually be the most beautiful. But if 17 days to be feeling a hell Dadang Rachman. The big names as Dadang modifikator be staked. He must prove in 17 days is able to realize the Swift Pick Up order ATPM Suzuki.

"Slaphappy boss, but the name of belief must be maintained as well as possible," Dadang believe that the difficulty to maintain the strength of construction Suzuki Swift. Once the C pillars are removed to make swift pick-up this means the power structure sasis change, not more prevalent.
"I make up stout rod brace on the inside," Dadang I believe that this new construction is used strong way. "I walk to Bandung drive this," Tantang Dadang. Oops, first ntar streets boss! Still working, hehehe ....

Dadang still groggy another matter. This time must be behind glass and hand made enggak have a match. "It is looking enggak but met a direct fit. I finally have a message 4 times loh glass. His search for the most perfect, "added Dadang. Is not made of rounded, he said adjust the form of a glass front.

Especially if the final touch of white paint is not appropriate concept Suzuki booth. whel ring 17 brands Mesh Monoblock selected the contrast with the color black. And it is reported to modify this unique, Suzuki cost more than Rp 120 million.