Now London's congestion charge exemption to CO 2. Error.
We had high hopes for the campaign of Volvo London congestion charge exemption for a change. Volvo moaning - rightly - that hybrid vehicles are exempt, even if pieces are very large and LS600h and the Lexus RX 450h. It then makes the area feel a lot of congestion itself.
Volvo cars show
So Volvo is hoped that the exemption from the congestion charge Boris has a more rational basis. And what's more logical to consider the amount of shit comes with the exhaust pipes of vehicles in the capital?
Volvo cars
Volvo Boris complains first of CO2 should be the basis of the charge density is (we do not agree with), but then focus on actual emissions - NOx and particulate matter - and have gone a Volvo for implementation that we have said exactly what was the rear of the car engine.
Volvo classic cars
App Volvo told us that a number of very expensive cars, considered the most environmentally friendly, is actually run shit in the air. NOx and particulate matter - - cars like the Fiat 500 with a Start-Stop can 484mg/km disgusting nonsense that emits twice as much as the Porsche 911.
Volvo car image
Unfortunately, it appears that Volvo has fallen behind its defense Boris original look of CO2 emissions (which is not iodine). Therefore, they claim the victory in his campaign changed free of charge in London that Boris has announced that the exemption is based on cars, because they
are less than 100 g / km of CO2.
Volvo cars
But it was a false victory. As we shall see when we get this resolved with the prices of green cars in the month of July, all won more awards than air absurd dynamic of which 911. So why do politicians care about CO2 and NOx and PM to kill us? Why is a simple way to load drivers, that's why.
This is exactly what the congestion zone in London. The main tools for the collection of revenue.