New 2010 Acura TL

Acura has the power to the next level, and right heart enthusiast driver with the addition of a manual transmission model of the dance lineup during the model year 2010. With luxurious and daring dances SH-AWD dance, 2010 dance composition is more diverse in the history of the car, further expand its appeal to the luxury performance sedan buyers.
2010 Acura TL Front Side 580x387 wallpaper
The presence of 6-speed manual for 2010 Acura SH-AWD ® is the first time Acura has ever been acclaimed Super Review Pan Wheel Drive ™ system, manual gearbox. Moreover, new close ratio 6-speed is around 110 kilograms lighter than the sequential automatic transmission SPORTSHIFT other advantages dance acceleration, braking and turning.
2010 Acura TL Rear Side 580x386 wallpaper
2010, there are two different versions of the implementation of the Acura luxury sedan offers a 280 hp luxury, front-wheel drive 305 hp and dance performance combined with exceptional dance SH-AWD Acura. Each model is available with the navigation package, is available wide range of electronics and IT industries / Els about 410 ® - watt premium audio system adds.
2010 Acura TL Side 580x387 wallpaper
In addition to the propulsion system and technological options, the buyer further customize it to a luxury sedan with tire and wheel improves. In 2010, the standard dances are now available in 18 inch diameter wheel with a mixture of all season tires, which is more aggressive and bold look.
2010 Acura TL Rear 580x386 wallpaper
Besides, who is the SH-AWD (manual and automatic transmission models), there is a 19 x 8-inch 10-spoke design mix, high-performance summer tires-spec further increase performance sedan.
Two suspension with optimized power transfer capabilities, plus access to a wide range of packaging technology for navigation and communication in 2010, dancing offers more
2010 Acura TL Front 580x386 wallpaper
applications than ever before. With the available Acura / Els about 410 ® - watt premium audio system, 10 speakers in the fourth generation of dance the most technologically advanced sedan in Acura history.