honda jazz modifications this foolish be calculated once. Imagine, like All New Honda Jazz 2008 is not felt before, but series sedan Hatchback RS is brought directly to the home modifications in Autoline Jl Arteri Kedoya, West Jakarta. "The point, the honda Jazz should I get with the others," said Handy.

To meet ambisinya, try Handy search of a suitable model through the virtual world. Finally found the flow of racing style that combined with the appropriate JDM Toyota Crown desires.

The dimauinya, width bumper design combined with the sharp corner on both sides of the a very identical to Japan's street car. "The water dam in the bumper and large V-shaped that characterize besutan faster," said Handy.

Agus, punggawa Autoline, does not find it difficult to meet the taste Handy. Fiberglass material that is reliable in accordance with the concept of making Molding early. The process takes three weeks.

As a result of the custom body, the bumper to fall down. Display cars are so cingkrang enggak because the owner wanted a lowering kit. Agus must turn the brain that velg Lenso Mesh 18 x 8 inches can mepet to Fender lips. Finally, dipakailah condom on over the Fender down 3 cm from the original Fender nut and take the front bumper.

Interestingly, the design end of the muffler-shaped trapesium. Initially, the back bumper of this exotic straight average. After viewing Crown JDM, muffler and bumper dicoak display is adjusted so that kemiringannya appear extreme.

HONDA Jazz look to strengthen the racing style, the engine cover is made of carbon materials, including the diffuser, gril, until the rear wing. Bodi berkelir be white decal striping. "Color combinations of red, white, and black to make the visualization more steady," Handy firm.

In addition to body, interior is also constrained senada, such as seat replaced the standard model of semi-Recaro bucket. Original color is black with red blood from the same material. So dashboard also constrained motif carbon fiber plus a white motif that use printing.
While the luggage space disulap so the audio device Racikan Idola Audio and able to produce up to 145 Db boom. Handy confess this has not been full .